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Flower Power

I’m thrilled to have been selected to show at The Wooden Cow in June.  Come by the opening on the 4th – I’d love to see you!


flowers and shows and processing

I have fallen into an obsession of shooting flowers this spring.   I find myself getting in close, but not so close that you lose perspective.  And I crank the length of exposure way up.  If I can catch the light just right, the long exposure gives them a glow that just can’t be beat.  This spider mum was shot up against a black foam board, and is actually a “color” image.  I added a gradient map in photoshop, set to multiply, to get the dramatic shadows.

Fortunately, there is a place for us to go, we who suffer from a flower obsession.  The Wooden Cow Gallery in Albuquerque will be opening their exhibit – “Flower Power” – on June 2nd.  Be sure to stop by to see amazing flowers in all media at this highly regarded and award winning gallery.  See you at the opening on June 4th – 3 of my images (including the poppy above) have been selected for this juried exhibit!

time flies

(c) Nancy Newell

Do you remember that feeling?  When the school year was ending, and nothing but summertime was stretched out in front of you? We’re there, right now, at my house.  My girls are DONE with going to preschool.  DONE, they say.  When does May break start?  When does summer camp start?  When can we go to the pool.  All I can think is “too soon”, and for them, it can’t get here fast enough.

I want to teach them, so desperately, to experience the “now”, to enjoy the moment.  To quit wishing away the days.  To stop, and look around – right now – and see that “now” can be just as much fun as “when”.   But, they’re still wishing time would go faster, and  I’m wishing it would slow down.  Maybe we’ll compromise this summer, and have lots of slow days, doing exactly what they want.

long exposure

An iris from the bouquet sent by the New Mexico Biopark Society for thanks for the Run for the Zoo.  A record breaking year!

Dave is out of town at a bike race.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  Monday, our 7th anniversary.  I miss him, but feel truly blessed.