Flashbus, light and layers

I signed up for Flashbus.  And it.was.awesome.  Freakin’ off the charts amazing.  Let me set the stage for you –
Albuquerque Convention Center.  200 people.  One day.  $100.  And more information, technique and philosophy about lighting than I could digest in months.
The morning started with David Hobby (you know, the blogger from www.strobist.com, the expert on lighting scenes with small flashes. him.) First, the guy is smart as hell.  Second, he knows how to light a scene.  And third (and this is MY thing), he can really train and hold an audience’s attention.  Key light, fill light, accent light.  Layer, layer, layer.  And shoot manual.  Ok, David.  I’m picking up what you’re putting down.  (I did also win a 15″ Lumiquest lightbox, thanks to my friend Marc and the film camera easily accessible in my *emera bag.  Thanks David, for the extra swag!)

Lunch at the Gold Street Cafe with some of my favorite photog guys! (that’s the thing about going to a strobist event, not very many women…)

And then back to watch Joe McNally build some amazing portraits.  Joe is a National Geographic photographer, and has the most brilliant of eyes.  It was fascinating to watch him work, on the fly, and put together lights, mood, and portraits.  Shooting TTL holds some appeal for me, and his effects are stunning.  It’s harder to replicate than Hobby’s approach, and more room for camera error, but some great lessons to be learned.  Including, purchase gaffer tape and have several extra strobes laying around, and assistants to do my bidding.  Not a bad life!  Joe’s blog post from the Albuquerque stop –

Still, so much to learn.  All in all, an amazing day.  I can’t wait for my Orbis flashring to arrive.

If you have the chance to jump on the Flashbus tour, you absolutely should.  It’s.freaking.amazing.


One response to “Flashbus, light and layers

  1. Good for you! I bet you’ll rock the flash stuff!

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