Location Scouting

It's nice to have a willing model on a location check.

I’m always on the lookout for great places to take portraits.  And I’m blessed to live in a beautiful part of the country, and in a city with plenty of amazing backdrops.

This weekend, I was scouting out a location for a large group shoot.  So, off the National Hispanic Cultural Center we went.  It’s a gorgeous facility, with great architecture, and the most interesting walls around.  This shot is of Kristin, in the purple wall outside the Disney theater.  There are gorgeous, New Mexico brown adobe walls.  Maroon and red walls.  Purple (two different shades). Brick floors as far as the eye can see.  And it’s all outside, bouncing that gorgeous New Mexico light around.

Shooting portraits without a studio, relying only on the beauty around, has given me the opportunity to re-examine the community I’ve lived in for almost 20 years.  To find the beauty, to appreciate the color and vibrancy.  To see my world with new eyes.

Some of my favorite places?  The botanic garden, the foothills, and the painted fence downtown.

What are your favorite places to shoot portraits?  Where do you get the best light?


3 responses to “Location Scouting

  1. Went down there on Sunday to check out a couple of photography exhibitions and, although at high noon, wandered around thinking about backdrops. Ended up shooting under a covered walkway around a little plaza with just yummy light seeping through. Then found the fresco in the el Torreon building (the cylindrical structure near the entrance) and was blown away.

    Still, I took my recent favorite images there. I need to go back and explore more with willing models.

  2. Great photo, as always! And it takes a good eye to find a great location.

  3. Nancy,

    I like the foothills at magic hour. Who doesn’t?

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