and it’s 2011. Really.

A finalist in Pioneer Woman's Food assignment

A belated happy new year to you!  Is it just me, or do the holidays completely wipe you out?  From two weeks before Thanksgiving until December 26th, I feel I run on full throttle.  (I’m sure having 2 birthdays mixed in with all of the other festivities does little to slow us down…)  I love the shopping (online) and cooking (waaaay to much butter).  The weather is just sublime.  And my girls are the perfect age for Santa – seriously, the anticipation was palpable.  We spend time with perfectly sane, normal family. No bickering, back-stabbing, passive-aggressiveness.  Lots of love.

And yet, I feel the need to hibernate that whole week between Christmas and New Years.  Not-leave-the-house hibernate.

I had the privilege of taking some Christmas card shots for some pretty amazing families – thank you letting me help you create some wonderful memories!

I know! Just the cutest.

I love this one!

aren't they just adorable?

They did this with very little prompting. Crazy people. =

So, I hope that you had a great holiday season!  And that you have sufficiently recovered.

Oh, and I have spring fever.  =]


One response to “and it’s 2011. Really.

  1. Nice pictures. Where is that red bridge that the 3 kids are standing? I love the light’s in the back and the bridge!

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