Just call me an exhibitionist.

(c) Nancy Newell, 2010 Available for purchase.

I’m thrilled to be part of the artist family at The Wooden Cow!  Located in Albuquerque, amidst a host of fine galleries on Montgomery (between Pennsylvania and Louisiana), they host over 40 incredibly talented artists – jewelers, potters, painters, and even the occasional photographer.  And it’s not a snooty gallery – you don’t need an art degree to appreciate the talent that’s hanging on the walls. They have a sense of humor (really, art toilet seats?  Now, you’ve seen everything. =]), and they are leaders in the Albuquerque art market. Come by and experience all of the talent.

Artscrawl?  Every Friday!  I hope to see you there.  (snacks and wine provided by the artists, so you know they’re going to be good!)


6 responses to “Just call me an exhibitionist.

  1. Love that pic Nancy 🙂 WTG

  2. WAY cool! Congratulations!!!

  3. W00t!! Congrats on the gallery acceptance! You absolutely deserve it!

  4. Your stuff looks AWESOME on the walls of The Wooden Cow….Can’t wait to see more there!

  5. So happy for you in every respect! Kudos on the gallery; love the website and omysweetgoodness ~~ this photo is inspired!! Wishing you all the best, Nancy!

  6. Congratulations, Nancy! If any photographer is deserving of exhibiting at Wooden Cow, it’s you. Your work is simply stunning!

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