(c) Nancy Newell

I told Allison we’d get her ears pierced before she started kindergarten.   Last week seemed as good a time as any.  We talked about how she’d have to take care of them, and what was involved in getting them done.  She said she was ready.  So off to the mall we went.

She picked out sparkley flower shaped earrings, with a pink crystal in the middle.  She sat on the stool, and preened around – very excited and feeling very big-girl.  The woman drew dots on her ears, and conferred with me for approval.  The gun was loaded (Allison expected all of this, no big deal.).  And then the first pierce was made, followed VERY quickly by the second.

Allison said they had stopped hurting about an hour later, and now she says she can’t even feel them.  We clean them with peroxide twice a day, and turn them (the technology really hasn’t changed very much in the last 35 years).  She looks like a big girl.

She says that she’s the first of her friends at school to get her ears pierced.  I’m ok with that – I don’t think this is “growing up too fast”.  Other things? Well, other kids can go first.


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