flowers and shows and processing

I have fallen into an obsession of shooting flowers this spring.   I find myself getting in close, but not so close that you lose perspective.  And I crank the length of exposure way up.  If I can catch the light just right, the long exposure gives them a glow that just can’t be beat.  This spider mum was shot up against a black foam board, and is actually a “color” image.  I added a gradient map in photoshop, set to multiply, to get the dramatic shadows.

Fortunately, there is a place for us to go, we who suffer from a flower obsession.  The Wooden Cow Gallery in Albuquerque will be opening their exhibit – “Flower Power” – on June 2nd.  Be sure to stop by to see amazing flowers in all media at this highly regarded and award winning gallery.  See you at the opening on June 4th – 3 of my images (including the poppy above) have been selected for this juried exhibit!


One response to “flowers and shows and processing

  1. your flower shots are simply stunning…. awesome job!

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