time flies

(c) Nancy Newell

Do you remember that feeling?  When the school year was ending, and nothing but summertime was stretched out in front of you? We’re there, right now, at my house.  My girls are DONE with going to preschool.  DONE, they say.  When does May break start?  When does summer camp start?  When can we go to the pool.  All I can think is “too soon”, and for them, it can’t get here fast enough.

I want to teach them, so desperately, to experience the “now”, to enjoy the moment.  To quit wishing away the days.  To stop, and look around – right now – and see that “now” can be just as much fun as “when”.   But, they’re still wishing time would go faster, and  I’m wishing it would slow down.  Maybe we’ll compromise this summer, and have lots of slow days, doing exactly what they want.


5 responses to “time flies

  1. Fantastic observation. Day by day it will be a great Summer and ever after.

  2. Nancy Simutis Newell

    cheers to that, Josette!

  3. Love! *raises glass* here is to long summer days and hopefully many adult beverages with you!

  4. Nancy Simutis Newell

    thanks Shannon! =]

  5. I’m adding you to my Google Reader. xxoo

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